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Our line of anatomical specimens includes Silicone Plastinates, Sheet Plastinates, Anatomy Glass, Blood Vessel Configurations and Skeletons & Skulls that stem from real human bodies preserved through the revolutionary technique of Plastination that was invented and further developed by Dr. Gunther von Hagens in 1977.

Gubener Plastinate GmbH is the company that Dr. von Hagens created to further his development of the Plastination Process and to ensure that specimens were dissected to the highest standards. All of the Von Hagens Plastination Range of Specimens are produced in Guben, Germany under the leadership of Dr. Gunther von Hagens and Dr. Vladimir Chereminskiy.

Gubener Plastinate’s mission is to advance the education of medical and health science practitioners through the dissemination of refined anatomical specimens. As the leader in Plastination, our range of innovative educational resources is designed to teach current and future anatomy and health care professionals. The continued development of anatomical knowledge and education for future health care professionals is ingrained in our service and commitment to the medical and health sciences. 

Von Hagens Plastination provides real human specimens exclusively to education and research to the medical and health communities, as well as for informal learning experiences to public museums and science centers. More than 400 teaching institutions around the world use Plastinated Specimens for teaching.


In November 2006, Dr. von Hagens opened the PLASTINARIUM in Brandenburg. The Plastinarium is unique worldwide, as it combines, for the first time under one roof, the anatomy exhibition BODY WORLDS with the practical presentation of the steps of Plastination. 

In a lavishly restored former cloth-making shop, visitors can develop comprehensive insights into the anatomy of humans and animals in 3,000 square meters of exhibition space, the Plastination Process and the various preparation techniques. The Plastinarium is a living museum, where state-of-the-art technology is used to create teaching aids and large-scale anatomical Plastinates for training doctors, physician assistants, nurses and other allied healthcare professionals.

Visitors are guided through four areas:

  • The history of anatomy, conservation techniques and the development of Plastination
  • The learning workshop – with stations devoted to the individual body systems, as well as the anatomical preparation and the positioning
  • The gallery area – a part of our exhibition Body Worlds of Animals
  • The showroom contains numerous individual specimens and Whole Body Plastinates of humans and animals

The Plastinarium is the culmination of Dr. Gunther von Hagens 39 years of unremitting efforts in the fields of medical sciences, anatomy and dissection and plastics chemistry. With his groundbreaking invention of Plastination, Gunther von Hagens has not only changed the subject of anatomy, but also the perspective of the human body in our society today.

The Plastinarium – seeing, experiencing, knowing – is the Anatomical Theater of Modernity. It provides visitors with unique insights into the human body as well as the art of anatomical dissection and conservation.