Sales Restrictions

We strictly restrict the sale of Plastinates of human origin to “qualified users”

Qualified Users are defined as institutions or individuals who use specimens exclusively for research and educational purposes or for medical, diagnostic and therapeutic education. Qualified users include universities, hospitals, schools and museums or individuals such as medical scientists, professors, lecturers and others who work on medical and educational research projects. 

Qualified users verify their accreditation by completing a statement that will be issued by email. In case of direct delivery and billing to a public institution (eg a university) generally no further evidence is necessary. In a few instances, we may require further documentation.

Lay people can acquire Anatomy Glass, which is a true color print in original size and resolution from tissue-based sheet plastinates.

Blood vessel configuration specimens that do not contain any human tissue, as well as plastinates from plant and animal origin can be purchased by non-professionals. 

Usage of Specimens

Specimens of human origin, obtained through von Hagens Plastination may only be used for the intended purpose stated before purchase (typically for teaching and research). Specimens may not be sold may not be sold to non-qualified users. or distributed free of charge. Details for transfer of specimens are specified in the respective purchase or lease agreement.

Plastinates are intended to last multiple lifetimes, therefore it is crucial that specimens are properly kept and used for the intended purposes throughout the years.