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Where is Anatomic Excellence?

What are your office hours?

How is Anatomic Excellence associated with Gubener Plastinate and von Hagens Plastination?

Can I purchase directly from von Hagens Plastination?

What are the Plastinates made of?

Where do the specimens come from?

What is the intended use?

What constitutes a qualified user?

In what ways are Plastinates useful?

What specimens are available?

What is the difference between Sheet Plastinates and Anatomy Glass?

Is it possible to order a custom-made specimen?

How much do specimens cost?

What are the Costs of Importation and how are they calculated?

How long does it take to receive specimens?

What is your refund / reschedule / cancellation policy?

How long does a Plastinate last?

Can I donate my body to the Institute for Plastination?

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