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HP0405 - Mediastinal Organs & Diaphragm

Thorax with 2 large windows on each side; lungs are removed; organs of the mediastinum in situ; dissection of the upper part of the abdominal wall with the diaphragm in situ.


News & Events

Covid-19 Update ...

Anatomic Excellence understands that the Covid-19 Crisis has led AAA, HAPS, AACA & the AAMC to take the difficult decision to cancel their conferences in 2020. We wish all of our health care and education colleagues well during the crisis and look forward to reconnecting with you all in due course. At this time we have performed / are planning Virtual Presentations at these Virtual Conferences:

HAPS Virtual Conference, May 23rd, 2020

AACA Virtual Conference, June 16th, 2020

Available Specimens

Current Available Specimen List ...

von Hagens Plastinate Specimens are prepared to order and take up to 12 months to prepare. Due to the inherent risk of shrinkage in the plastination process, Gubener Plastinate always start to prepare two specimens for each one ordered. As each of these are usually prepared well, we periodically have specimens that can be delivered within 4 weeks of ordering. We update this list regularly and it can be requested via our Contact Us page: