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Ethically-sourced, authentic plastinated specimens from von Hagens Plastination.

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Plastinated human head and neck used for anatomy education

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Anatomic Excellence & von Hagens Plastination

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World-Class Plastinates

Plastinated human heart used for anatomy training and education.

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The Benefits of Plastinates

Provide optimized views of real anatomy
Enable rapid attainment of learning goals
Complement a wide range of learning processes and theories
Provide unique views of complex regions and spaces
Enhance teaching, accelerate learning
Reveal real morphology, real variants, real anatomy
Are robust, clean, safe to handle and require no special storage or usage conditions
Engage and satisfy learners at multiple levels, from novice to expert
Plastinated specimen of Mediastinal Organs & Diaphragm for anatomy education and training

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Mediastinal Organs & Diaphragm

Item #HP0405

Whole Head Specimen

Item #HP0309

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